Cloud software is one of the industry buzzwords that has been floating about for the past few years. And with many large corporations investing in it, cloud computing is showing no signs of going away any time soon. But is utilising cloud computing for small business necessary?

What is cloud computing?

As an SME, you’re probably used to having a centralised, internal system to manage, store and handle all of your files and data. But cloud computing for SME is becoming more prevalent. A cloud-based system is an on-demand system that utilises a range of online servers for database, storage, application and other IT-based services.

What are the benefits of cloud computing for SME?

There’s no wonder many SMEs are branching out and adopting cloud computing software. With the ability to significantly improve the productive capacity of your business through both reducing costs and boosting efficiency. Here are some of the key benefits of investing in cloud computing for small business:

Secure systems

No matter which type of business you run, the security of your information and internal systems is imperative. With this in mind, cloud computing utilises an abundance of security attributes to keep your data safe.

Also, with everything stored in the cloud, in the unfortunate event of a data breach or loss of data, everything can be accessed as normal, as long as you have the right level of access.


As you probably don’t need reminding, IT equipment can be incredibly expensive to run and manage. Not to mention the staff employed to do so.

By employing cloud software you have the ability to reduce and in some cases completely remove the costs associated with owning IT hardware.

Enhanced Collaboration

Cloud computing for SME also allows your employees to work more efficiently and much smarter than ever before. With the ability to access your files and data from anywhere on any device, it doesn’t matter whether you’re in the office or not – you can work from anywhere. And any changes made to documents are updated in real-time, meaning multiple employees can work on the same file at once.


As cloud technology utilises a network of online servers, any previous time-consuming updates with an internal system become a thing of the past. Cloud-based software allows for small updates to be done automatically, which ultimately saves you time, allowing you to maximise productive output.

If you’re interested in hearing more about how cloud computing for SME can benefit your business, get in touch with the team here at Prism and one of our expert representatives will be happy to assist and answer any queries you have.