Business data back-up is not an option - and here’s why

We’re in a digital business world. We save contacts, we organise meetings, we email, we produce documents and files, we make customer databases, and more.

If you think about it, most of our business day is now conducted electronically. 

Now have a think about the impact to your business if one day this business critical data was wiped from your hardware, and to make it worse, you had no data back-up. It can be summed up in one word – stress.

The loss of data is high risk and extremely costly, with some businesses not being able to survive the aftermath.  As businesses become more digitally active, the more data they collect and store, and the more at risk they’ll become to human errors, hackers and natural disasters.  Here are five reasons why all businesses should have a data back-up solution in place.

Five reasons your business needs data back-up
  1. Human error. The single biggest cause of data loss. We’ve all had that moment were we realise we’ve accidentally deleted the wrong file and panic sets in.
  2. Technology failures.  No piece of technology is perfect and technology failures can easily happen even if they come with a 99.9% guarantee of success.
  3. Protection from hackers.  Small businesses are most vulnerable with hackers focusing their efforts on businesses they believe are unprotected.  
  4. Safe guarding your customer data. Even the biggest companies have been targeted.  Only this year Tesco Bank had 40,000 accounts compromised with 20,000 customers having money stolen from their accounts, and who can forget about Talk Talk’s data breach in 2015.
  5. Natural disasters. Data back-ups won’t stop Mother Nature, but they will protect your data and get your business back up and running quicker.
Cloud storage drives like Dropbox or OneDrive aren’t sufficient.
What are the back-up options?

If your computer becomes infected with a virus and corrupts your files, they will transfer to the cloud and leave you with no back-up.  We recommend a minimum of two different backup tools are employed for a dependable backup system which:

  • Are on different media
  • Offsite file and folder based backup using dedicated software
  • Onsite and/or Offsite image based backup using dedicated software
  • Are stored in different locations
  • Are updated regularly

At Prism our back-up works by uploading the data you have chosen to back-up from your computer to a number of different UK servers. The data you choose is encrypted before it leaves your PC and held in an encrypted state for maximum security. We maintain a minimum of 30 previous versions of your data and offer you the maximum level of protection. We monitor your backup account and send you email warnings to alert you if your backup does not run, or if the amount of data you store changes dramatically. You only pay for the amount of data that you store with us, and we do not charge extra to keep the history of your previous file versions.

It’s simple, be sensible, get your back-up solution in place.