No matter what size IFA company you have, boosting productivity can transform your business. It doesn’t matter whether you only have a few team members or a staff of hundreds, making sure everyone is working as efficiently as possible is key to the success of your IFA. That’s why it’s vital you provide your team with what they need to work as productively as possible.

Use unified communications

Increase productivity by reducing delays in communications and enabling employees to contact one another quickly and easily. You can safely share documents with one another due to stringent security measures and even hold meetings via video calls rather than in person. Through unified communications you can also improve your company’s ability to resolve problems quickly and effectively as tasks can be actioned much more swiftly.


Take advantage of the cloud

By using cloud computing technology, employees are able to access everything required from the cloud to service clients – wherever they are. There are a range productivity-boosting cloud apps and platforms available, that can completely transform the way your IFA operates. Crucially, it means that if a problem occurs, or a client requests something outside of working hours, employees can easily and quickly access the information they need without making a trip to the office.

Implement remote working

Using a cloud-based project management system allows IFAs to implement remote working for their employees. Remote working enables workers to change venues, eradicate long commutes into the office and increase their happiness. Remote working is great for promoting a healthy work/life balance which is known for increasing productivity.


Increase security measures

Prevention is always better than cure and the security of your company system is no different. If you don’t implement the necessary security measures, data loss and security breaches can happen and for an IFA firm that holds sensitive client information, this can be extremely detrimental. Not only would fixing any kind of security problem take up a lot of time and money, it can have a negative impact on client trust and relations. Tackling it all can severely reduce your company’s output causing productivity to plummet. Spend the extra time and money to make sure a security breach doesn’t occur.


Hire a dedicated IT support company

Every IFA firm should have a dedicated IT support team on hand to jump on any technical issues. Too often, companies try and tackle it themselves because they think they know their business better than anyone. And they do! Which is why they should focus on the day-to-day running of their IFA, outsourcing any IT support to an expert team. By letting an IT expert take over, you and your team will have more time to devote to your company, without being distracted by annoying technical issues, boosting productivity as a result.

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