Gone are the days where working long hours were considered a sign of a hard working employee. With shorter working days becoming increasingly popular amongst forward-thinking businesses around the world, many company owners are making productivity their number one priority.

After all, what’s the point in battling tiredness, boredom and distractions during a 10 hour day when you could cram all the important tasks into 6? Let’s take a look at just a few ways you can boost productivity in your small business.


Avoid micro-management

If you’re passionate about helping employees eliminate distractions and be more productive, you may feel tempted to check on them regularly and oversee everything they do. However, micromanaging employees is actually proven to have a detrimental impact on their output, both in terms of quality and quantity.

When employees’ every move is monitored, they can be left feeling stressed, overwhelmed and restricted. If you want your team to use their creativity, express themselves freely, and unlock their full potential, it’s crucial that you trust them enough to leave them to it.


Be flexible

Giving your employees autonomy over their working hours is proven to improve productivity, reduce stress and increase staff retention. Flexible working hours in particular can help staff take control of their day and work at times that best suit them. There’s no point in demanding everyone fight their way into work through rush hour traffic if they arrive at the office feeling exhausted and frustrated each morning.


Provide your team with all the tools they need

Purchasing new equipment, software and tools may seem expensive, but if these very tools make more money than they cost, they could be considered a worthwhile investment. There are so many apps out there designed to identify wasted time and boost productivity. By embracing this type of technology, you can improve employee focus and ensure that time is being spent wisely.


Encourage learning and development

Even the most passionate and dedicated employee can become bored when performing the same tasks over and over again. With countless studies suggesting that boredom is one of the biggest productivity-killing emotions there is, it makes sense to ensure all workers find enjoyment in their jobs.

To tackle the problem, make sure every member of staff has an element of variation in their day. Encouraging workers to learn new things and develop their skills can work wonders for productivity. You may need to invest in courses, seminars and exhibitions to equip your team with a diverse range of skills, but not only can this improve the amount of work they do, it’s also sure to boost the quality of their output.


Set realistic targets

A little bit of pressure in the workplace can inspire workers to aim high, but too much expectation can actually have a negative affect. If the targets you set are too challenging, you’ll only dent workers’ confidence and leave them feeling like imposters. Overloading your team while expecting great results is a recipe for disaster. By setting realistic targets and celebrating them when they’re achieved, you’re likely to see much greater results.