Benefits of Remote Working: What are the Advantages for SMEs?

Working remotely has become increasingly acceptable for SMEs and the benefits of remote working simply can’t be ignored any longer, as they can all work to future-proof your business.

Workforce trends are changing, and employees no longer need to always work from a physical office. Many crave a better balance between home and the office, and staff appreciate businesses that offer more opportunities for flexible lifestyles that focus on output, not hours.

Constant innovations in cloud computing technology and communication tools have allowed SMEs to access workplace applications from anywhere at any time. This has made remote working in SMEs a much more viable and lucrative option.

So what are the advantages of remote working?

A better staff recruitment and retention rate

More and more, talented and capable staff are seeking out businesses that offer a great work-life balance, and that aren’t hampered by a fixed or dictatorial working ethos. Remote working in SMEs can help to attract talent among a wider candidate pool.

Through gaining a better reputation as a flexible employer, SMEs are more likely to retain talented staff. Plus, working from home can benefit employees who require assistance in returning to work after illness or prolonged absence.

Increased trust

Employees want to feel trusted and respected, as this promotes a happier working environment in general. Staff will stay with a business that allows for flexible remote working, because this demonstrates employee care. It also helps build trust and foster respect between teams of staff in the business.

More cost savings

Cost savings are also amongst the benefits of remote working, as employees can save on unnecessary travel costs, pollution and time. But crucially, depending on the size of the SME, a business might be able to potentially reduce costs further by downsizing their office space.

Enhanced productivity

Technology such as cloud computing can utilise a network of online servers, whether you’re on the bus, on a plane, or at the beach, cloud technology allows employees to work from anywhere at anytime. This eliminates the need to be in the office, as staff will be able to work at their own pace, and get the job done outside of it. Plus, employees are more likely to reach higher productivity levels without wasting time and energy commuting.

Despite the benefits of remote working, it isn’t suitable for every business. This is why it’s always important to keep the lines of communication clear and to practise open and honest conversations.

With an expert, dedicated IT support team on hand that possess an abundance of experience, you’ll start reaping the full benefits that remote working in SMEs provides. For more information, get in touch with our team today.