5 Benefits of Cloud Computing for Lawyers

Cloud computing is continuously being embraced by a growing number of modern business sectors, including the legal industry. Lawyers are under increasing demand to meet ever rising expectations, so it’s not hard to see why they are taking advantage of cloud computing technology to keep ahead and remain efficient in how they operate.

With this in mind, here at Prism, we wanted to go through 5 ways lawyers will benefit from adopting cloud computing technology.

Ease of access

With the adoption of cloud computing, lawyers will be able to access important documents from anywhere, at anytime. Whether in or away from the office, everyone will have the freedom to access client documents, materials and data securely wherever there is an internet connection, increasing productivity on the go tenfold.

Cost effectiveness

No matter the size of a law firm, lawyers can end up saving significantly from the use of cloud technology. With the cloud, there could be no need to purchase servers and no need to spend hundreds updating certain hardware. In addition to this, cloud computing allows for the ability to increase or decrease storage space as needed, so that lawyers will only pay for what they use.

Loss prevention

For many law firms, their valuable data is inseparably tied to the office’s network of computers. If the hardware experiences a problem this could then lead to a permanent loss of data or downtime, reducing efficiency. With cloud computing, any information that lawyers upload will remain safe and easily accessible, no matter what happens to any hardware. Any data is saved in real time on servers, meaning nothing can ever disappear without a trace and is backed up securely.

Automatic updates

Lawyers often work to tight deadlines and have increasingly stressful schedules, so having to wait for small system updates to be installed can be very unproductive and incredibly frustrating. Cloud-based applications can allow for smaller updates to be done automatically, which can free up some valuable time, allowing your staff to get back to other important tasks.

Better sustainability

Many businesses, including law firms, are putting much more effort into doing their part to help the planet, especially given the current state of the environment. This is why cloud computing is a great option for lawyers who wish to operate using less of a carbon footprint and want to increase their sustainability as a business. Cloud technology allows for the use of virtual services without the need for physical products and hardware. Not only does this cut down on paper waste, it improves energy efficiency, and reduces commuter-related emissions thanks to its accessibility.

These are just a handful of the benefits that come with cloud technology. So, if you’re business is looking to take advantage, you can arrange for a free cloud computing consultation with us at Prism – simply contact us today on 0345 121 7770.