5 Reasons To Use Our Disaster Recovery Service

Financial records, customer data, and personal employee details are just a few of the pieces of information you’re likely to store within your business. With so much information stored on your devices, servers and programmes, what would you do if the unspeakable happened and you were to lose all this information in a moment? Although data loss on this level is rare, With statistics showing that 80% of businesses fail after a large data loss, it makes sense to invest in protective measures.


Thankfully, it’s possible to protect your data, minimise downtime, maintain productivity and keep everything ticking over. With the help of a robust disaster recovery strategy, you can give yourself peace of mind that no matter what happens, all your hard work won’t go missing in the blink of an eye. Here are just a few reasons to use our disaster recovery service:


Some things are out of your control

There are a number of things that could cause a large scale data loss, from theft or hardware damage to fires and floods.

Accidents can also happen. No matter how much you trust your employees to be careful with your data, there have been instances in the past where human error has seen the loss of extremely valuable information.


You can save money

Paying to protect your business from an unlikely event may seem like a waste of money, but if you add up the costs associated with data loss, it’s easy to see that disaster recovery is an investment.

When you invest in disaster recovery, you minimise the risk of downtime, ensure your employees can continue to do their jobs, and reduce the likelihood of disgruntled customers. A significant data loss could not only see you losing customers’ trust, it could have an impact on your reputation and see you losing business.


Remote backups can be ineffective

We’ve been told to save our work at regular intervals since the early days of Microsoft Word, but it’s no longer sufficient to just save your data to the device you’re using. It’s more important than ever before to have it saved elsewhere too.

Using a second device or external hard drive can be a start, but if your workplace was to become flooded or your premises were broken into, you could lose all copies of this crucial information. By backing your information up to the cloud, you can increase your chances of recovering these files following a disaster. After all, you’ll be able to access them from any device.


Disaster recovery can give you peace of mind

With so many other aspects of your business to think about, planning for a rare and unlikely disaster may not seem like the most effective use of your time. However, if something bad was to happen and your data was to be lost, you’d regret not acting sooner.

Taking the necessary precautions can give you peace of mind and the reassurance that your business’ digital assets are protected in the event of a crisis. Once you know your data is secure and you can get it back again in the unlikely event of a catastrophic event, you can focus on doing what you do best – running your business.


You can pass much of the disaster recovery workload onto someone else

In news that will come as a relief to those with little to no knowledge of disaster recovery systems, you can pass much of the workload onto someone else. Here at Prism, we’re not only experts when it comes to preventing accidents in the first place, we can also ensure that if someone bad does happen, your data can be recovered in no time at all.

We’ll mirror your data to the cloud and replicate the server so that your entire server is recovered in the event of an issue. The best part is that our recovery process is extremely quick and easy, so we’ll have you up and running again with the click of a button. We also have infinite cloud retention storage meaning we can make regular backups of your content and keep multiple copies in archive-form if necessary.

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