4 Steps to Help Empower Your Sales Team

You want your sales team to be operating productively and efficiently so that your business can continue to grow and thrive.

Given that sales teams are the backbone of so many businesses, it’s important to know how to empower them to achieve the best results.

Empowering your sales team can be boiled down to ensuring they have the best tools at their disposal, have the resources they need and are part of a wider culture that values communication and openness. 

Here are 4 steps to empower your sales team.

1. Set clear expectations

Establishing clear goals and expectations is a vital part of creating a culture of empowerment.

This means being clear around what your sales team is expected to do, but most importantly, how.

With the way that current trends are moving, this could mean moving towards remote selling, which requires adaptability from sales reps.

Therefore, communicating the new expectations that align with a shift towards remote selling is vital so that sales reps can become more comfortable, and that goals can be met without friction.

2. Give them the best tools

Sales will inevitably become challenging if your team don’t have access to the necessary tools.

As mentioned above, remote selling is becoming more prominent, which means that to stay competitive and agile, sales teams will need to utilise the tools to match.

For example, video conferencing screens and managed devices can make sales calls painless, professional, and productive.

Ideally, you will be able to combine mobile deals with your current telecoms with the aim to link mobile devices with your CRM – something which will streamline the sales process considerably.

We offer Prism Pack, which offers the latest tech and all of the software and support to go with it, which can help to increase efficiency and security for your entire sales team.

3. Streamline your CRM

A common frustration for sales teams is the time that is dedicated to admin, which for many sales reps, takes time away from converting sales leads.

Ensuring that you have a strong CRM system is essential in minimising the time spent on administrative tasks.

For many businesses, this will mean training so that the CRM can integrate more seamlessly for marketing effectiveness.

After all, eliminating the tasks that seem more tedious or unnecessary is likely to empower your sales team because it gives them space to do what they do best.

4. Stay up-to-date

Being kept up to date on the latest resources is critical for sales teams, as it impacts performance.

White papers, case studies, and even blog posts are all valuable resources for a sales team to utilise in the selling process.

Consider collating all resources (internal and external) so that they can be regularly reviewed by your sales team, so that when new content is added it can be utilised quickly. 

Empowering your sales team is often about removing the common barriers to productivity, such as poor equipment, excessive admin, and a lack of clear goals.

Once your sales team is equipped properly, they’ll become more productive alongside their processes, which is only better for your business in the long-term.

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