2021 Tech Roundup – The Year So Far

In December 2020, we predicted 5 trends for 2021 around tech and IT.
From remote working to new technology, the predictions were based on an increased need for tech to carry us into hybrid working and help us to adapt to the ever-changing tech landscape.
Let’s recap some of the predictions and whether they’re holding up to the current tech and IT trends in 2021.

More remote working

Across the UK, many businesses are weighing up new ways of working based on the governments’ announcement that employers can begin planning a return to the workplace for employees.

According to the BBC, however, many businesses are being more flexible with offering remote working as a part of hybrid working models that are now commonly utilised.

The main takeaway? Remote working isn’t going anywhere.

Though many employees will be eager to return to office working, it’s likely that remote working will still be offered as an option in many organisations to allow more flexibility.

This means that cloud technology has continued and will continue to be a key element of flexible working, enabling teams to collaborate effectively no matter where or how they are working.

Increased cost control

The beginning of 2021 may have seen cutbacks on tech and IT spending, however, as we move away from lockdown and into the future, this prediction is set to change.

Though overall IT budgets are predicted to decline slightly year-over-year in 2021, 80% of businesses still anticipate tech spending to stay the same or increase – this includes increased cloud and managed services spending, and decreased hardware spending.

This also comes at a time when businesses are less likely to prioritise cutting-edge technology over their immediate needs – not quite what most of us were predicting!